Finding Data

Trimble Data’s search is geographically based. Search results are shown for datasets that intersect the area of the map you are viewing.

To find data, first locate your area of interest on the map. This can be done by searching for a location or moving the map with your cursor. After positioning the map, you can further refine your results by searching for a keyword, selecting a data category, or using the advanced search options.

Learn about the map and search features below.

Finding and Searching for geospatial data

Keyword Search

Categories & Advanced Search

Limit your search by selecting a data category or with advanced search options

Search Results

Click on a result for more information


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Location Search

Reposition the map to a new location

Navigate the Map

Use your cursor
to move the map

Map and Search Features

  • Navigation: use your cursor to move the map.
  • Zoom: use the zoom bar to zoom in and out of the map.
  • Keyword Search: narrow results by searching for specific keywords.
  • Location Search: search for a place to move the map to a new location.
  • Categories: view results only within a specified category.
  • Advanced Search: narrow results by dataset attributes such as data type, price, or file format.
  • Search Results: view the results of you search. Click on a result for more information.
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