Data Listings

The data listing page displays the details for a data listing and a preview map of the data. It also includes all the tools you need to customize and order the dataset. You must to signed in to your account to customize data and place an order.

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Data Listing Features

  • Dataset Information: provides details and a description of the dataset.
  • Location Search:search for a place to move the map to a new location.
  • Customize & Order: select customization options and place order. Read more below.

Customization Options

Customization and Ordering options vary between data listings. Some listings will not allow customizations and others will have one or more options.

There are two types of customization options:
Spatial Customization: Select the exact area of data you want to order.
Dataset Property Customization: Modify data properties such as file format, projection, and layers.

Customization Options



Dataset Price

Order Dataset

Spatial Customizations

These options allow you to select the exact area of data you want to order by drawing your selection area on the preview map.

  • Draw: draw a polygon representing your the area of data you want to order. Click on the map to place vertices and double click to close the polygon.
  • KML Upload: upload a KML or KMZ representing the area of data you want to order.

Dataset Property Customizations

These customization options allow you to modify selected dataset properties.

  • Datum-Projection: provides several options for modifying the datum and projection of the dataset.
  • File Format: select the file format for your data download.
  • Layers: provide the option to download component(s) of a listing (such as individual datasets or raster bands) rather than the all of the listing’s components.
  • Spatial Resolution: only available for raster data. Gives you the option to modify the spatial resolution of the data.

Customizations and Pricing

Many datasets on Trimble Data Marketplace use variable pricing (price varies based on the data ordered). For these datasets, a new price for the dataset will be calculated and appear on the screen when a selection area is created.

Add to Cart

Upon clicking the order button, a confirmation dialogue window will appear.

Order Dialogue

License Agreement

The license associated with the dataset must be accepted before the order can be placed.

Add a Note

Include a note about your order. It will appear in your account along with the order's details

This dialogue window will give you the option to add a note to your order. This note is private to you and will appear in your account along with the order's details. The dialogue window will also require you to accept dataset's license agreement before proceeding.

You must accept the dataset’s license agreement before you can add the dataset to your cart.