Natural Earth’s bathymetry raster dataset provides bathymetric data for oceans and seas around the world. At a resolution of 1:50m, the dataset is an excellent base layer for small-scale maps.

This global raster dataset from Natural Earth provides a shaded relief view of the ocean floor with blended colors. Derived from CleanTOPO2 data, it is available in two resolutions: 1:50m and 1:10m.

This worldwide dataset includes polygons with detailed shorelines for all oceans, bays, and major lakes. The data was extracted from OpenStreetMap and cleaned to provide an excellent base layer for large-scale maps.


Find data for flying: worldwide airport locations and visual flight rule aeronautical charts for the United States.


Find Boundaries for countries and other administrative regions, metro regions, census areas, and more.


Elevation data for places around the world. The Trimble Data Marketplace has contours, digital elevation models, and the always popular topographic maps.


Learn more about satellite and aerial imagery available on Trimble Data Marketplace. Find imagery for for urban and rural locations around the world.

Points of Interest

Find data for point locations around the world. Points include restaurants, buildings, airports, shops, and more.


Detailed roadway lines for places around the world.

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