Points of Interest

OpenStreetMap is the worldwide, crowdsourced geographic database. It contains a wealth of POI data classified into diverse categories such as education, healthcare, restaurants, and sporting facilities for places around the world.

This worldwide dataset contains points for over 40,000 airports and is attributed with airport type, name, and location.


Find data for flying: worldwide airport locations and visual flight rule aeronautical charts for the United States.


Find Boundaries for countries and other administrative regions, metro regions, census areas, and more.


Elevation data for places around the world. The Trimble Data Marketplace has contours, digital elevation models, and the always popular topographic maps.


Learn more about satellite and aerial imagery available on Trimble Data Marketplace. Find imagery for for urban and rural locations around the world.


Detailed roadway lines for places around the world.


Datasets for waterbodies, bathymetry, and the ocean floor.

If it's out there, it's in here.