Free GIS Data

Trimble Data offers a large and varied collection of free GIS data products. Visit the Trimble Data Marketplace to browse our full selection of free data or view a sample of our free datasets below.

OSM Zandvoort Natural Earth 1:110m USGS Topo Maps
An easy-to-download version of the popular collaborative, freely editable map of the world.
Natural Earth
Worldwide vector and raster basemap data. Includes boundaries, water, and populated places.
USGS Topographic Maps
Digital versions of USGS topo maps. Maps include contour lines, natural and man-made features.
Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Platforms and Pipelines European Landuse NYC Subway Routes
Oil & Gas in the Gulf of Mexico
Locations of platforms and pipelines used for oil and gas extraction in the Gulf of Mexico.
European Landuse
Landuse data for select European cities. The data was compiled at a scale of 1:10,000 for categories such as urban, industrial, and forest.
New York City Subway Routes
Locations of subway stops and routes in New York City.
Paris Open Data Airport Locations Contours
Paris Open Data
A collection of data for downtown Paris, France including roads, trees, and parks.
World Airport Locations
Point locations for over 40,000 airports around the world.
European Point Locations
Points of interest for over 1.15 million locations in Europe.
Diabetes MGRS Snowfall
Diabetes in the United States
2008 county-level estimates for the prevalence of diabetes and diabetes risk factors.
Miltary Grid Reference System
The worldwide geocoordinate standard used by NATO militaries for locating points on the earth.
Snowfall & Ski Locations
Average snowfall data and ski locations in the continential United States.

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